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Getting Started with Probeware

What Do I Need for Data Collection?

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  1. Vernier Lab Book

    Save time integrating data-collection technology with your curriculum with over 400 well tested, customizable experiments. Lab books include word-processing files of the student instructions, essential teacher information, suggested answers, sample data, and more.

  2. Interface

    The interface translates sensor data for graphing and analysis software on a computer or handheld device. We offer interfaces to match your computer availability, budget, and data-collection needs.

  3. Sensor

    Measure physical quantities with consistent and high-quality results with any of Vernier’s 80 sensors. Each sensor is individually calibrated, easy to use, rugged, and classroom tested.

  4. Software

    Visualize and interpret sensor data for hands-on learning with Logger Pro‘s real-time graphing and powerful analysis tools. Logger Pro software is an incredible value with a site license for all the computers in the school or college science department.

Find the Right Probeware Package for You

Create a personalized recommendation of curriculum, hardware, and software for your subject area.

Build Your Probeware Package

Choose a Package for Your Subject Area

Choose an interface and sensor package recommended for your subject area.

Sensor & Interface Packages

Using Probeware = Increased Science Test Scores

Hands-on science using Vernier technology gets students excited about science and deepens their understanding of complex concepts. It gives students the tools to analyze data and think like real scientists.

Benefits of Probeware

  • Improves student understanding of science concepts.
  • Frees class time for student engagement in higher order thinking skills, such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
  • Supports STEM education and priorities outlined under ARRA and Race to the Top.
  • Enables students to perform many new experiments with measurements not previously obtainable in the classroom.
  • Increases test scores in science.
  • Is recommended by national organizations, including NSTA, ISTE, ASTE, and IB.
  • Encourages inquiry-based lab activities.
  • Supports National Science Education Standards.
Probeware and Performance White Paper
Source: The 2000 NAEP Science Assessment. This study of 49,000 U.S. students shows that students who used probeware to collect and analyze data scored significantly higher on tests than those who did not.

Probeware and Performance White Paper

Request the white paper for research supporting the benefits of using probeware in your classroom.

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Grants for Probeware

Find grant sources and use our grant writing guide to create a successful grant proposal.


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