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Peter O'Connor, a teacher from Boonsboro High School in Maryland, described a situation facing many teachers—lots of students and only a few computers.

“Having used Logger Pro for many years dating back to the ULI days, my school has been happy using it in our labs. However, as class size increased, we have had issues with maintaining a small lab group size for each lab. This is a large issue when it comes to doing Vernier labs with computers.

We only have 8 computers in each classroom and try to do many labs with 24 students or more. One of the hardest labs to accommodate is Vernier Lab 24a “Acid-Base Titration.” This year, we decided to find a new way to have more groups or individual students work on their own setup instead of having larger groups for this lab.

In order to accomplish this, a modification to Lab 24a was made. This modification uses one LabPro device with two pH sensors to perform two different titrations at the same time. This allows us to have two smaller groups (or individuals) to be next to each other with their own buret performing the experiment.

This year, we were able to do this lab with almost every student doing their own titration, which allowed them to get a better hands-on understanding of the material, and less time watching others do an experiment.”

Using this custom file, two groups can run their titration independently, and the only part of the experiment that must be coordinated is the moment when a reading is recorded. Each group has its own data set, graph, and meter on the computer screen. The data can be separated later, if desired, or shared by the two groups.

You can download Peter's custom file, (4.51 KB ZIP)

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