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Building a Better Mousetrap – A New Vernier Photogate

Go Direct Photogate for free fall experiment

We are excited to announce a new sensor for physics—Go Direct Photogate. With our first-ever wireless photogate, you get better-than-stopwatch timing accuracy of a cart traveling eight or more meters without having to run wires between the gates. And that is not even its best feature.

Go Direct® Photogate is actually three photogates in one. The interior arms of the photogate include two photodiodes. This double-gate design measures velocity more accurately in comparison to single-gate photogates. The known separation of the gates makes it possible to measure speed without concern for the object’s geometry or knowing its dimensions. The direction of motion is indicated by positive or negative velocities determined by the order in which the internal gates are blocked. For objects that have two or more flags, the acceleration of the object through the gate can be reported as well. You can also use the internal gates independently for experiments that utilize traditional photogate modes, such as motion and pendulum timing.

The third photogate is a laser gate that you can use with a laser pointer (not included) to make a single gate that is any width. This is useful when dealing with larger objects that cannot pass between the interior arms of the photogate.

You can use Go Direct Photogate with all of our existing photogate accessories including the Laser, Picket Fence, Cart Picket Fence, Ultra Pulley Attachment, and Bar Tape. (Go Direct Photogate includes a built-in Bar Tape guide located on the sensor). You can mount Go Direct Photogate on our dynamics track using the photogate brackets included with the cart and track systems without any additional parts or adapters. You can also mount Go Direct Photogate to our Centripetal Force Apparatus.

There are two optional accessory cables for the Go Direct Photogate, each sold separately. Use a Go Direct Photogate Timing Cable to daisy-chain two Go Direct Photogates together. This configuration makes the two Go Direct Photogates work using a single clock, which can improve timing accuracy by up to 10 ms. Use the Go Direct Time of Flight Pad Cable to connect a Time of Flight Pad to a Go Direct Photogate for use in projectile motion experiments.

For more information about Go Direct Photogate, see

LabQuest 2.8.5 Update

We’re pleased to release the latest update for LabQuest 2. The version 2.8.5 update is free and recommended for all LabQuest users.

Download LabQuest 2.8.5 Update »

Spectral Analysis® 4.6 Released

Spectral Analysis 4.6 is now available for iOS, Android, macOS®, Windows®, and ChromeOS.

New Features

  • Intensity mode data collection for Vernier SpectroVis Plus and Vernier Go Direct SpectroVis Plus
  • Y-Axis Plot Manager provides new controls over graphing
    • Individual Data Set display can be enabled or disabled
    • Data Sets can be renamed
    • Column Options and other column operations can be performed from the graph
  • More flexible graph scaling options, including Manual scaling
  • Graph traces are identified by color on the y axis label, assisting reading of graphs with two or more traces.
  • On touch screens, graph can now be zoomed (pinch) and panned (two-fingers)
  • Redesigned New Experiment dialog
  • iOS now saves only to local storage, but files can be copied to cloud locations using the Files app
  • Numeric entry keyboard on iOS small screens now allows negative values and scientific notation

Download the update for Spectral Analysis 4 »

LabQuest 2.8.4 Update

We’re pleased to release the latest update for LabQuest 2. The version 2.8.4 update is free and recommended for all LabQuest users.

Download LabQuest 2.8.4 Update »

NEW Go Direct® Sound

Go Direct® Sound Sensor

Collect sound data wirelessly with the snap of your fingers. With sound-triggered data collection, Go Direct® Sound provides students with an easy way to capture and evaluate waveforms. Measure wave amplitude and sound intensity level at the same time to investigate the decibel scale, or take the sensor outside the classroom to discover sounds in their natural environment.

Learn more about Go Direct® Sound Sensor »

Graphical Analysis 4.4 Update for Computers, Chromebooks, and Android

Version 4.4 of Graphical Analysis for ChromeOS, macOS, Windows®, and Android is now available. The Chrome version is in the Chrome Web Store, the computer versions are available on the Vernier Graphical Analysis web page, and the Android version is available in the Google Play Store.

We’re very excited about this release as it includes support for photogates in the most common modes of motion, gate, and pulse timing. It is also the first release of the Android version, which adds support for Go Direct® sensors!

New Features

  • Tangent line analysis feature
  • Support for Photogate when used with LabQuest interfaces (not yet available on Android)
  • Lithuanian language support
  • Android platform now has the same user interface as macOS, Windows, and ChromeOS
  • Interface can be scaled for larger font size and thicker graph traces

Download the update for Graphical Analysis 4 »

LabQuest 2.8.3 Update

We’re pleased to release the latest update for LabQuest 2. The version 2.8.3 update is free and recommended for all LabQuest users.

  • Addressed a language localization issue
  • Improved Go Direct sensor connection after a reboot
Download LabQuest 2.8.3 Update »

LabQuest 2.8.2 Update

We’re pleased to release the latest update for LabQuest 2. The version 2.8.2 update is free and recommended for all LabQuest users.

* Go Direct SpectroVis Plus via Bluetooth is not supported with LabQuest 2. Continue to use this sensor connected via USB.

Download LabQuest 2.8.2 Update »

Logger Pro 3.15 Update

Logger Pro 3.15 is now available for download. Logger Pro 3.15 is a free update to all Logger Pro 3 users.

Version 3.15 Features

  • Improved support for high-resolution displays
  • Refined icons for improved legibility and appearance on high-resolution displays
  • Improved scaling of screen elements for significantly improved legibility when app is used at less than full screen
  • More robust installation on Windows® computers
Download the update »

NEW Go Direct® O2 Gas Sensor

Go Direct® O2 Gas Sensor The Go Direct O2 Gas Sensor measures gaseous oxygen concentration levels and air temperature. It is useful for a variety of biology and physiology experiments. It connects via Bluetooth® wireless technology or via USB to your device.

Learn more about Go Direct® O2 Gas Sensor »

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