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Water Quality

Vernier GPS Sensor

Now when you collect sensor data around the globe with LabQuest or a computer, your students
can record their exact latitude, longitude, and altitude. Vernier’s new GPS Sensor is as small as your
thumb, and is affordably priced for school budgets.

Vernier GPS Sensor

Vernier Used Around the GLOBE

Is the heat given off by 500 people enough to change the temperature inside a large auditorium? How does the temperature and salinity of a tide pool compare to that of the nearby ocean water? These were just two of the questions posed to about 250 students from 52 countries who gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, this summer for the GLOBE Learning Expedition (GLE). And of course, Vernier equipment was used to investigate the answers to those questions.

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LabQuest Earns Five-Star Review

The Vernier LabQuest just received a wonderful review in MultiMedia & Internet@Schools, an educational publication. The review gave the LabQuest a 5-Star rating (out of 5) with the following grades:

  • Installation: A
  • Content/Features: A
  • East of Use: A
  • Product Support: A+

“Students will enjoy using LabQuest…. I was impressed by the rugged construction. This is definitely a tool that will last, which makes it an excellent buy—especially with today’s tight funding…. I have no doubt that LabQuest is going to get plenty of use in my classroom. I would highly recommend it for every classroom that is serious about engaging students in meaningful scientific investigations.”

Multimedia & Internet @ Schools
Sally Finley
Country Hills Elementary School
Coral Springs, Florida

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Vernier in Fairfax County

The District Administration website has a quick article about how Vernier sensors are used to monitor the ecosystem and water quality of Chesapeake Watershed.

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Vernier LabQuest

Vernier announces breakthrough data-collection technology for science education—the Vernier LabQuest.

LabQuest works as a stand-alone device or as a computer interface, providing the versatility to excel in the classroom or in the field.

The Vernier LabQuest includes built-in software for data collection, graphing, and analysis, and on-board applications such as a periodic table and stopwatch. Use the powerful and intuitive software from the vivid color touch-screen—all packed in a rugged and water-resistant exterior.

The freedom to inquire. The technology to excel. The Vernier LabQuest.

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Vernier LabQuest

Soil Moisture Sensor

The Soil Moisture Sensor measures the water content of soil. It is a terrific companion for all your experiments in ecology, environmental science, agricultural science, horticulture, biology, and more.

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Soil Moisture Sensor

GIS Mapping Enhances Salinity Study

In March 2005, Olathe North HS (Olathe, KS) students Kevin Skov and Greg May, along with teacher Steve Obenhaus, took a trip to the southern reaches of Texas to explore Laguna Madre’s hypersaline characteristics. Laguna Madre, a large body of shallow water separating Padre Island from the South Texas mainland, is one of only a few hypersaline lagoons in the world.

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Salinity Sensor

Our new Salinity Sensor easily and accurately measures the total dissolved salt content in water.

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Salinity Sensor

Globe Certification

Use your Vernier sensors to gather data for the world-wide GLOBE program. Learn more about Vernier and GLOBE.

Globe Certification
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