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Website: Product Suggestions in Search

Search product suggestions
Many of the searches on our website are product specific, so we’ve added a list of relevant product suggestions, which appear as you type your search. You can click on a suggested product to go directly to the product’s web page. The product suggestions are available everywhere on the website, so if you can’t find a product while you browse, give the search a try.

New Discussion Forums

Vernier’s new discussion forums are a great place to get technical support, trade and sell Vernier equipment, and more.

Here are the new features:

  • Single user sign-on. Now you can use your Vernier web account for ordering and when discussing topics in the forums.
  • Stronger spam protection. Vernier will moderate posts for inappropriate or spam content.
  • Mobile-friendly. The forums are optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Start or join a conversation today in the discussion forums »

Web Store: Create Wish Lists with Saved Carts

Use saved carts to create your wish list of Vernier products. Saved carts are great for preparing an order that needs to go through an approval process, a wish list for grant money, and comparing different equipment configurations.

You will see two new buttons at the bottom of your cart to let you save your cart and load previously saved carts. Try them out and let us know what you think.

Saved carts feature
Two new actions for your cart: saving and loading.
Saved carts from account profile
You can access all your saved carts from your account. Your most recent saved carts are shown first.
Saved cart items on mouse hover
If you hover your mouse over one of your saved carts, you will see a preview of what items are in that saved cart.

Web Site Redesign

Ready to start the school year with some hands-on science? Vernier’s new website redesign just might make your job a little easier.

The redesign adds features and functionality to better help you research probeware for your budget and curriculum, get technical support, discover grants for data-acquisition technology, and find training in your area.

Here are a few key improvements:

  • Comprehensive product pages with photos of Vernier technology, videos, sample graphs, specifications, and experiment ideas.
  • Product comparison pages to help you choose the perfect technology for your lab.
  • Experiment pages with introductions, objectives, equipment lists, state and national standards correlations, and free previews of student instructions.
  • New pages for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering and more: Now you can find products, experiments, and training for the subjects you teach.

The website will continue to improve to better help you teach science with technology—your first year or thirtieth year with us.

Vernier Web Team

Online Purchasing Guide

We’ve created a new tool on our website to help you choose the best combination of data-collection technology for your school. Based on your criteria, our online purchasing guide helps you create a personalized recommendation of curriculum, hardware, software, and accessories to fit your needs. Once your list is complete, you can print it and take it to your department chair, request a formal quote, or make a purchase directly from our website.

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New Vernier Website

We are proud to announce our new website. Our focus is to improve the ease of use of our site. We have made numerous usability and functionality enhancements.

  • Improved search accessibility
    Our search is now quickly accessible on our new left-hand navigation, providing easy access to the information you’re looking for.
  • Subject Area Homepages
    Each of our subject areas homepages gives you the Vernier products, curriculum, and news for your subject area!
  • Redesigned “Vernier News” section
    Learn about new products, innovative uses, and many other resources for your classroom!

We hope you will discover new ways Vernier can help you teach science and math with data-collection technology. If you have any comments or suggestions on our new website, please let us know!

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