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Go Direct® Sensor Cart Accessory Kit

The Go Direct Sensor Cart Accessory Kit includes springs, magnets, masses, and replacement parts for the Go Direct Sensor Cart. The kit makes multiple-collision experiments possible, supporting impulse and momentum/energy conservation experiments, among others. Purchase one kit per lab station of one or two carts.

  • Heavy hoop spring bumper (1)
  • Light hoop spring bumper (1)
  • Magnet tabs (4)
  • Hook-and-pile tabs (4)
  • Masses (4)
  • Magnetic bumper (2)
  • Force sensor hook (3)
  • Rubber bumper (3)
  • Anti-roll peg (3)

Ordering Information

All prices are for U.S. educators.

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Go Direct® Sensor Cart Accessory KitGDX-CART-AKContact Us

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