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Advanced Chemistry with Vernier 4th Edition

Advanced Chemistry with Vernier contains 35 experiments appropriate for AP* Chemistry or college general chemistry. Use it in addition to​ ​Vernier Chemistry Investigations for Use with AP* Chemistry​ ​for a comprehensive set of topics.​ ​


The Advanced Chemistry with Vernier lab book includes 35 advanced chemistry experiments designed for use with Vernier data-collection technology. There are four student versions for each experiment: Logger Pro, LabQuest App, Easy Data App, and a generic version that covers all platforms. The following Vernier sensors are used in this book: Temperature Probe, pH Sensor, Conductivity Probe, Drop Counter, Colorimeter, Gas Pressure Sensor, Current Probe, ORP Sensor, and Radiation Monitor.

​Starting with the 2013–2014 school year, the AP Chemistry Course Description recommended labs have been reduced from 22 to 16 and at least six of the 16 experiments should be an inquiry-based model of instruction. Advanced Chemistry with Vernier provides a variety of experiments for the additional 10 non-inquiry experiments.

Included with Advanced Chemistry with Vernier

Electronic Version

  • 35 ready-to-use student experiments
  • Access to up-to-date versions of the experiments
  • Instructions for data collection with Graphical Analysis 4, Logger Pro 3, LabQuest App, and EasyData
  • Essential teacher information for successful inquiry investigations
  • Word-processing files of the student experiments, so you can edit the files to match your teaching preferences
  • Complete equipment and supplies list
  • A generous site license­­—buy one book and duplicate the experiments for your class

Printed Lab Book

When you buy the printed lab book you receive all of the resources listed for the electronic version, plus a printed copy of the book.

Sensors and Interfaces for Experiments

Buy a package to get the sensors and interface used for the experiments in this lab book.

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Select an experiment below to view an overview, objectives, necessary probeware, and standards correlations.

1The Determination of a Chemical Formula
No probeware used
2The Determination of the Percent Water in a Compound
No probeware used
3The Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid
4Using Freezing-Point Depression to Find Molecular Weight
5The Molar Volume of a Gas
6Standardizing a Solution of Sodium Hydroxide
7Acid-Base Titration
8An Oxidation-Reduction Titration: The Reaction of Fe2+ and Ce4+
9Determining the Mole Ratios in a Chemical Reaction
10The Determination of an Equilibrium Constant
11Investigating Indicators
12The Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide
13Determining the Enthalpy of a Chemical Reaction
14ASeparation and Qualitative Analysis of CationsGo Direct® pH Sensor or pH Sensor
14BSeparation and Qualitative Analysis of AnionsGo Direct® pH Sensor or pH Sensor
15AThe Synthesis of Alum
15BThe Analysis of Alum
16Conductimetric Titration and Gravimetric Determination of a Precipitate
17Determining the Concentration of a Solution: Beer's Law
18Liquid Chromatography
No probeware used
20Electrochemistry: Voltaic Cells
22The Synthesis and Analysis of Aspirin
23Determining the Ksp of Calcium Hydroxide
24Determining Ka by the Half-Titration of a Weak Acid
25The Rate and Order of a Chemical Reaction
26The Enthalpy of Neutralization of Phosphoric Acid
27α, β, and γ
28Radiation Shielding
29The Base Hydrolysis of Ethyl Acetate
30Exploring the Properties of Gases
31Determining Avogadro's Number
32Potentiometric Titration of Hydrogen Peroxide
33Determining the Half-Life of an Isotope
34Vapor Pressure and Heat of Vaporization
35Rate Determination and Activation Energy
Go Direct® Temperature Probe
Go Direct® Gas Pressure Sensor
Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
Gas Pressure Sensor
Go Direct® pH Sensor
Go Direct® Drop Counter
pH Sensor
Drop Counter
Go Direct® ORP Sensor
ORP Sensor
Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer
Go Direct® Colorimeter
Go Direct® pH Sensor or pH SensorGo Direct® pH Sensor or pH Sensor
Go Direct® Conductivity Probe
Conductivity Probe
Go Direct® Voltage Probe

Go Direct® Voltage Probe (1)

Voltage Probe
Go Direct® Constant Current System

Go Direct® Constant Current System (2)

Current Probe
Vernier Radiation Monitor
Platinum-Cell Conductivity Probe

Platinum-Cell Conductivity Probe (1)

Go Direct® Radiation Monitor

Go Direct® Radiation Monitor (1)


National and State Standards Correlations

Meet your state and national curriculum standards with experiments from Advanced Chemistry with Vernier 4th Edition. National and State Standard Correlations

Sample Download

Preview "Acid-Base Titration" from Advanced Chemistry with Vernier. The preview download includes student instructions, teacher tips, sample data, and more.

Download sample experiment

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