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LabQuest 2 screenshot

The LabQuest data-collection app gives your students real-time graphing and analysis capabilities in a handheld device. It is powerful—yet beautifully simple.

Touch Screen Data-Collection and Analysis Software

Analysis Features

  • Perform linear and curve fits
  • Landscape and portrait views
  • Supports built-in sensors—GPS, microphone, accelerometers, relative light sensors
  • Draw a prediction before collecting data
  • Display two graphs at once
  • Display a tangent line on the graph
  • Integral function
  • Statistics

Built-In Applications

  • Stopwatch
  • Periodic table
  • Sound recorder (for voice annotation)
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Audio Function Generator
  • Power Amplifier (requires Vernier Power Amplifier)

Versatile Tools and Resources

  • More than 100 preloaded lab instructions from Vernier’s popular lab books
  • Notes field
  • Email screenshots and data files for use in lab reports or submit directly to an instructor
  • Export data to Logger Pro, Excel®, and other data analysis software
  • Stream data wirelessly to Chromebook, iPad, and Android devices

Data Analysis and Built-In Applications At Your Fingertips

Screenshot of a graph of a ball bouncing
Collect position data. Show students how the ball bounces and fit a curve to your data.
Screenshot of a graph showing data from several sensors
Collect and display data for several sensors or runs on one graph.
Periodic table view screenshot
On-board Periodic Table
Audio function generator screenshot
Audio function generator
Stopwatch screenshot
Use LabQuest 2 as a stopwatch.
Scientific Calculator View
On-board scientific calculator
Vertical View
Rotate LabQuest 2 to a portrait orientation to better view two graphs, tables, and lab instructions.

Rotate LabQuest 2 to a portrait orientation to better view two graphs, tables, and lab instructions.

LabQuest 2 High Contract Mode
Use high contrast mode when viewing a LabQuest 2 in bright light.

Use high contrast mode when viewing a LabQuest 2 in bright light.

Wirelessly Stream Data to Chromebook, iPad®, Android Tablets, and Mobile Devices

With the LabQuest 2, students can share and analyze real-time data on any number of mobile devices for a truly hands-on, collaborative learning environment.

Learn more about Wireless Data Sharing

Email Data and Graphs

LabQuest 2 can email sensor data in multiple formats, depending on the needs of the student and experiment. Students can email sensor data home for their reports or to the teacher.

  • Data File: Import into Logger Pro for analysis
  • Graph: A PDF of only the graph
  • Text File: For importing into spreadsheets
  • Screen Shot: Great for use in instructional material
Screenshot of LabQuest 2 emailing a graph

Computer Data-Collection Software

You can also use LabQuest 2 as a computer interface using Logger Pro 3, Logger Lite, or Graphical Analysis 4 software.

Logger Pro 3 video capture and analysis

Logger Pro 3

Our award-winning Logger Pro 3 software provides advanced analytical features including video analysis. One copy of Logger Pro includes a site license for all computers in your school or your college department, as well as students’ personal computers.

Learn more about Logger Pro 3

Logger Lite

Logger Lite

Logger Lite is free computer software with basic data-collection and analysis features. It can be used with LabQuest 2 to get your students quickly collecting and analyzing data.

Learn more about Logger Lite

Graphical Analysis 4

Graphical Analysis 4

Collect and analyze sensor ‭data with our free Graphical Analysis 4 software ‭for Chrome‭‭, ‭Windows®, macOS‭, iOS‭®‭, and Android‭‭. Use LabQuest 2 as a USB sensor interface on a computer or Chromebook.

Learn more about Graphical Analysis 4

What’s Included

  • Vernier LabQuest 2 interface
  • 1 stylus
  • Stylus tether
  • Computer connection (USB) cable
  • AC power adapter
  • Quick-start guide

Free Software Updates

Get new features and enhancements with free software updates to LabQuest 2.

Download the latest LabQuest update

Ordering Information

All prices are for U.S. educators.

NameOrder CodePriceQuantity
LabQuest 2LABQ2Contact Us
Optional Accessories
LabQuest 2 Lab ArmorLQ2-ARMORContact Us
LabQuest 2 StandLQ2-STNContact Us
LabQuest Battery Boost 2LQ-BOOST2Contact Us
LabQuest Charge StationLQ2-CRGContact Us
LabQuest SD CardLQ-SDContact Us
LabQuest ViewerLQ-VIEWContact Us
Mini USB-C CableCB-USB-C-MINIContact Us
Vernier LanyardLQ-LANContact Us

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