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Conductivity Probe Troubleshooting and FAQs

Conductivity Probe, order code CON-BTA, \Contact Us
Specifications and User Guide

-Primary Test: Place the toggle switch at the desired setting, run the data-collection program, and take a reading in a solution of known TDS. We suggest using the calibration solution that comes with the probe. It is 500 mg/L TDS or 1000 microsiemens/cm.
-Secondary Test: If you change the setting of the toggle switch while Logger Pro 3, LabQuest App, or a TI calculator program is running, reset the program so that the calibration equation for the new setting is selected.

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-order code: CON-BTA
-Range of Conductivity Probe:
-Low Range: 0 to 200 microsiemens/cm (0 to 100 mg/L TDS)
-Mid Range: 0 to 2000 microsiemens/cm (0 to 1000 mg/L TDS)
-High Range: 0 to 20,000 microsiemens/cm (0 to 10,000 mg/L TDS)
-Resolution (with LabPro, Go! Link, ULI II, and Serial Box):
-Low Range: 0.1 microsiemen/cm (0.05 mg/L TDS)
-Mid Range: 1 microsiemen/cm (0.5 mg/L TDS)
-High Range 10 microsiemen/cm (5 mg/L TDS)
-Accuracy using factory calibration: +/-8% of full-scale reading for low range
+/-3% of full-scale reading for mid range
+/-4% of full-scale reading for high range
-Accuracy using custom calibration: +/-2% of full-scale reading for low range
-Response Time: 98% of full-scale reading in 5 seconds, 100% of full-scale in 15 seconds
-Temperature Compensation: automatic from 5 to 35 deg C
-Temperature Range(can be placed in): 0 to 80 deg C
-Cell Constant: 1.0 1/cm
-Description: ABS body, parallel carbon (graphite) electrodes
-Dimensions: 12 mm OD amd 150 mm length

-You do not have to perform a new calibration when using the Conductivity Probe for most experiments in the classroom. However, if your experimental application requires more accurate readings, you should calibrate your sensor.
-See the user manual for calibration instructions: Specifications and User Guide

-Conductivity standard solution, low range, Conductivity Standard Solution (Low), order code CON-LST, \Contact Us (500 mL)
-Conductivity standard solution, mid range, Conductivity Standard Solution (Middle), order code CON-MST, \Contact Us (500 mL)
-Conductivity standard solution, high range, Conductivity Standard Solution (High), order code CON-HST, \Contact Us (500 mL)

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